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Impra Charge KIA EV6 review

Impra Charge KIA EV6 review

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The long-awaited KIA EV6 has finally set to the roads. The iconic style and position in the Electric Vehicle and EV Charging market let's it really set the bar high and calibrates the standard of luxury EV's. With the rivals turning there heads, the EV6 is already looking to winning awards and offering consumers the most value for money.
With its 320 charge mile range, this has already knocked a few competitors out if the water. This was also after beating EV's like Teslas fast charging record with the New York City to Los Angeles challenge. But before we move into the elaborate specification and details, it's worth noting the EV6 all-wheel drive is faster than the Lamborghini Urus. 
So, with faster charging than a Tesla, it's safe to say KIA are really out to end Tesla’s reign of the EV Market. Available with All-Wheel Drive and Rear-Wheel drive, there really are options to suit all motoring styles. The optimal paint finishes also leaves plenty of options with our favourite being the Yacht Blue. 

So, standing out against leading brands such as Tesla, Polestar and Mercedes. The KIA EV6 sheds a new light onto the future of the Electric Vehicle market. With on-board 11kW Level 2 Fast Charging compatibility you can expect up to an 80% charge in as quick as 18 minutes from a public Fast Charger. Then Home Charging can achieve a full charge within 7 hours, lightening speed.

So, giving our full review and test drive, we can honestly recommend the EV6 is the new contender leading the EV Market. You won't be disappointed with its drive style and it compliments with its comfort and technology on board.