Government OZEV Grant

The £350 government grant

What is the OZEV grant?

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) grant covers domestic charging and allows homeowners and tenants with landlords permission to claim the benefits of the grant on qualifying for the scheme.

To be eligible for the EVHS OZEV grant, however, individuals must have dedicated off-street parking in the form of a garage or driveway. There are a few areas in the UK, including but not limited to inner city neighbourhoods, where off-street parking is not feasible, presenting a barrier to widespread installations of EV charging stations and mass plug-in vehicle ability.

How much is the OZEV grant?

The Grant covers the cost of the charge point installation for upto 75% of the costs capped at £350. This is a great benefit for anyone looking at a plug-in vehicle (PHEV) or electric vehicle (EV).

Is the process easy?

We take care of the OZEV grant for you. We ensure all the relevant paperwork is in hand before installation and we will even contact your electricity supplier and the DVLA for you. Our on-board application allows easy quotation and gives us the information we need to supply you a complete quotation with no hidden charges. This is subject to meeting the minimum eligibility requirements.