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Smart PRO Earth

ProjectEVSmart PRO Earth

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ProjectEV smart PRO earth is an advanced vehicle charger packed with intelligent safety features. It also links with its very own smart mobile app to keep track of charging and energy usage. The built in earthing arrangement means there is no need for an added earth point for the installation.

Cable lock technology which gives you peace of mind when using an untethered charging cable. This allows you to lock the charger into the desired point giving security and added protection.

This charge point boasts off-peak time shifting charge technology, this means it is capable of using lower rate tariff energy for charging. Saving you money whilst charging your vehicle. This charge point is available as a 7kW charging capacity. This allows eco-low and medium charging.




Operating temperture - -25°C ~ 50°C

Ethernet/WIFI/4G - YES/YES/OPT


Emergency stop button - YES

Type 2

Charging interface type - IEC 62196-2

Weight - <7KG

Dimension (W/H/D) - 240/380/145mm

Connector - Socket/Plug


RFID - YES (Only applies to EVA-07S-SE RFID)

RCD - Type A +6mA DC fault current protection

Overload protection - YES

Under voltage protection - YES

Degree of protection - IP65

Over voltage protection - YES

Rated current - 32A max

Supply frequency - 50/Output Hz

Input voltage - 230V AV

Charging Power - 7.3kW

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