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How much does it cost to have an EV charge point installed in my home?

How much does it cost to have an EV charge point installed in my home?

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Our guide to EV Charging and the costs

The electric vehicle (EV) market is booming, and whether you’ve already made the switch or are considering buying an electric car for the first time, home charging is definitely something worth considering.

As millions of people nationwide weigh up the decision to switch to a greener alternative, opting for high performance as well as reducing their carbon footprint and helping protect our global ecosystems, there remains some scepticism surrounding one aspect of the switch – charging. Charging times, charging availability and charging costs are some of the concerns voiced by prospective buyers, but the solution is quite simple.

Home charging

Using a dedicated home charger, EV drivers can now benefit from faster charging speeds and no longer ever need to worry about where the nearest EV charge point is. Installation is simple, and almost all EV models will come readily equipped with the correct equipment to allow for hassle-free charging via a cable into the dedicated home charge point.

electric vehicle on charge

Can I charge my EV from a normal plug socket?

It is possible to charge your EV via standard 3-pin plug sockets, but this should only be done as a last resort or an emergency back-up. Charging an EV like this is extremely slow, and whilst it will work as a last resort, it will put enormous strain on your home circuit. For reference, the maximum current a regular home socket can achieve is 3kW, meaning that to fill up an EV model such as the 40kWh Nissan Leaf will take at the very least 13 hours. For models with a longer battery life, such as the 64 kWh Kia E-Niro, charging from empty will take longer than 24 hours, assuming the socket is running at maximum capacity for the entire time.

Home charging done right

The best option for existing or prospective EV owners, when it comes to charging, is the installation of a home charging station. Dedicated charge points can be installed as a wall mount right next to your parking spot, allowing for ease of access and 24 hour a day availability. Furthermore, charge points can be tailored to your model and needs. With a choice between tethered, untethered and differing wattages, the dedicated home charge point can streamline the charging of your vehicle and take your EV experience to the next level – right on your doorstep. The choice is yours whether to charge during the day, and only pay for as much electricity as you use, or to leave your car to simply charge overnight much like you would your smartphone.

electric vehicle plugged in charging

How much does it cost to get an EV charger installed at home?

The price point of home installation usually ranges from £800 to £1200, depending on the brand of charger being installed. As previously mentioned, chargers can differ in wattage and models, each having their respective prices. For example, as of May 2022, an untethered 7kW ProjectEV Smart Pro Earth charger will set you back as little as £869 or £73 per month, and a Hypervolt 2.0 Home Charger costs £1,109 or £93.16 per month.

It is also worth noting that grants and incentives are routinely becoming available in a push to further sustainability and cut down on emissions. Previously, the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) provided grants for home charge installations, and whilst this has recently closed new schemes are appearing all the time.

The latest of these, provided by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) has been announced and is currently available in the form of a payment up to £350 from the government towards installation of the EV charge at home for certain EV owners.

The full list of eligibility and conditions for this grant can be found here Grant schemes for electric vehicle charging infrastructure - GOV.UK (

EV charging cost

Depending on the battery capacity of the EV, measured in kWH (kilowatt hours) it is quite simple to calculate the cost of charging your EV at home. To charge an EV from empty to 100% capacity, the only calculation you need to do is the battery capacity / speed of charging to work out how long it will take. Each dedicated charger will offer its own speed of charging in kWh, ranging from 3.6 kW to 22kW with most models providing 7kW.

Therefore, a full charge equates the cost of your electricity by the time you have worked out it will take to fill the capacity.

Tesla in the rain

Smart charging

Not only can you save money by charging your EV at the favourable, cheaper overnight tariffs but smart charging and Vehicle to Grid (V2G) schemes can also help you or your business offset some of the costs. Smart charging refers to charging technologies which can control and alter the speed of an EV charge, and allow for batteries to discharge energy back to the public or private network they are connected to. V2G is a form of smart charging which lowers the cost of charging your EV, employing unique technology that can store energy and discharge it back to the national grid, or to the EV owner’s building when it’s most needed. For example, this could be at peak demand during the day when costs would otherwise have been at their highest. Not only does V2G lower emissions by sustaining a renewable energy model, it can also save you money. 

Impra Charge

Based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Impra Charge are experts of EV charge point installation, accredited by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV). Impra Charge offers a free quotation on a selection of market leading EV chargers, which can be controlled from your smartphone. All installations also come with a 3-year warranty to keep you on the road and worry-free, and our local and reliable team of experts can usually install your charge point within 14 days of approval. Get in touch today for your free quotation, or use our easy online survey tool.