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How to find electric vehicle charging points on Google Maps

How to find electric vehicle charging points on Google Maps

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Why this is the next best thing for EV owners?

This is quite possibly the best update Google has made for electric vehicle users across the board. Google has recently featured an update that allows users to find/ add chargers along journeys and routes. This update has already had a huge impact for EV (electric vehicle) users, the simple addition really changes the way we can plan journeys and commutes going forward when it comes to charging. This will help pave the way for users that may of previously feared their range reaching destinations in their electric vehicles inefficiently. Charging your electric vehicle has never been easier, there are already thousands across the country, with Googles new update this lets you easily identify these along your route. Google also allows you to view the individual charging station, see any reviews that may of been left by other users and the type/ size of the EV charger.

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This feature is accessible through Google Maps by simply selecting 'search along route' then typing 'EV Charging Points'. If you already have a pre-planned route, this will simply search for units along the way that are accessible for public use. It's definitely worth checking to see if an RFID card may be required beforehand. Some charge points in the UK are only accessible by swiping a pre-registered RFID card registered to the user from the chosen brand of charge station. In addition to this, Tesla has opened up some charging stations recently to allow all EV users access to their network rather than just Tesla owners. This is only partial presently and doesn't include every Tesla charging station.

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How do I get started?

If you don't already have Google Maps, this can be downloaded from the app store (android/apple). You'll then need to start the search for EV charging stations required on route for the journey, or generally nearby for use. This will display available charging points and even nearby amenities for convenience when charging like coffee shops, etc. You may also add filters such as 'plug type' to distinguish what EV charging points are suitable for your connection type. Depending on your vehicle, you may require CCS (Combined charging system), CHAdeMO - which is no usually common, or type 2 respectively. The standard now for EVs is the Type 2 connection; these public chargers are found pretty much everywhere. Next to this is CCS, which allows faster charging and its usually compatible in all new EVs. These are more commonly found in carparks and service areas.

Professional home EV charge point installation for your home

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