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Hypervolt 3.0 Review

Hypervolt 3.0 Review

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Lets take a look

With EV chargers becoming increasingly popular in the UK, it might seem overwhelming to make a choice from the plethora of them out there!

Well, Hypervolt 3.0 EV Charger is a new, premium smart EV charger carving a niche for itself. At an output of 7KW and an elegant design, Hypervolt offers several distinct features that make your EV charging experience really rewarding.

In this review, we dive deep into the various aspects, including specifications, installation, salient features, extra benefits, customer support, product registration, pricing, and more.

Read through to familiarize yourself with Hypervolt before you make up your mind to buy one.

Hypervolt ev charger charging tesla car

Quick snapshot

Hypervolt is an outstanding home charger at an affordable price. With its compact design, it comes with multiple in-built features such as PEN protection, Wi-Fi + 4G connectivity, Amazon Alexa voice controls, LED status lights, and more. Besides, it offers a highly customer-friendly app.

If we talk of limitations, there aren’t many. One point to note is that with a capacity of 7KW, it cannot be regarded as the best charger in terms of output.


●       7kW AC

●       Type 1 and 2 connectors

●       Dimensions 328mm  x243mm x 101mm

●       5m Tethered cable, 7.5m/10m optional

●       Wi-Fi

●       3-year warranty (5-year optional)

●       LED Light ring

●      Ultra Black, Space Grey and Ultra White colours

●       In-built earth with PEN protection


porsche taycan charging with hypervolt ev charger

With in-built PEN protection and 6MA DC RCD protection, Hypervolt requires no earth rod. Besides, the charger brings along Hypervolt’s own cable, Hyperconnect, in a 4mm CSA 3 core cable. You get a complete installation kit with a spirit level and a drilling template. So, that implies it’s a piece of cake for a qualified electrician who can set it up in a matter of time!

Furthermore, the unit is well-packaged, which makes transit easier and hassle-free. Besides, we received information from users that Hypervolt responds promptly to issues during its warranty.

In essence, it’s an awesome product for those looking for simple use and convenient installation. With its sleek design, the charger gels well with most EVs, including Tesla, Nissan, and BMW i3.

Salient features

Let’s check the core features that the Hypervolt EV charger offers.

PEN Fault Protection

Regardless of anything, your safety comes first. That said, in the older versions of EV chargers, an earth rod had to be installed. In the case of Hypervolt, it comes with in-built PEN protection, which constantly checks the power supply. In the event of a supply fault, it will stop charging, avoiding any danger.

Load Balancing Technology

When it comes to safety, a key factor is to ensure there isn’t an overload of electrical supply. Hypervolt is assigned a limit matching the main incoming supply fuse monitored via a CT clamp. The CT clamp is connected to Hypervolt through a separate cable, and this clamp checks the electricity usage in the home, changing the charge rate to EV to suit accordingly.

RCD Protection

Hypervolt comes with an in-built 6ma DC protection, obviating the need for a costly external B-type RCD, making the installation a simple process.

Regulations Compliant

Hypervolt design and working procedures are in accordance with the new legal guidelines enforced from December 31st, 2022, with regard to smart charging of electric vehicles. That implies there’s no need for the installation of any additional hardware or equipment.

Charging Aspects

Hypervolt connects to your home WiFi through Wifi-802.11b/g/n @2.4GHz. Ensure that you have a stable connection to enjoy a hassle-free charging experience.

Let’s come to the charging states. When the EV charger is ready to use, it flags a solid blue color. All you need to do is insert the cable into the car’s charging port. You will see the color now turns green to indicate that it’s charging.

Alternatively, Hypervolt also offers you the option to schedule your charging. You need to set the time and plug in the EV charger to the car, and the charging will take place as scheduled. Make a note that during scheduled charging, the color will be purple.

While untethered EV chargers have their advantages, Hypervolt, with its tethered setup offers a uniform design along with a lock/unlock option on the app to ensure no one else can start charging.

Hypervolt can charge 7kW AC at a speed of 25 miles of range an hour which lets you charge your  EVs to 100%  in less than 8 hours! The charging speed is indicated on the app in addition to energy consumption monitoring and power details.

Additional Features

Besides the core features mentioned above, the product offers some interesting added qualities to make your experience great.

Solar integration

Hypervolt offers you the option of charging by using solar power. If you have solar panels that generate enough power, you can go green with this!

LED light display

The product makes our life easy by indicating each state of the EV charger with a distinct color. Check out the below list to get an idea of Hypervolt’s LED status lights:

●       No Light: Off

●       Purple: Scheduled charging

●       Blue: Ready to charge

●       Green: Charging

●       Red: Fault

●       Orange: Locked

●       White: Hotspot mode

hypervolt ev charger black


Hypervolt EV charger is updated periodically from the backend for the firmware. The app indicates the current version of the firmware on the settings menu, and it is updated every few weeks.

Voice Enablement

Hypervolt lets you integrate Amazon Echo or Alexa to give commands verbally. From adjusting charging schedules to making the LED lights dim, you can try various options!

Hypervolt App

Hypervolt is a smart EV charger that offers a specialized app.  With its robust and user-friendly app, you can view energy consumed and get details of charging modes. You can set it up by connecting your Bluetooth on your smartphone to Hypervolt. All it takes is to connect your WiFi ID and password and get started with your charger.

Besides offering a “plug and charge” mode, it lets you set multiple sessions according to electricity rates. The best part is that the app offers an analytics function that displays the energy consumption statistics in the form of insightful dashboards. On top of this, the app offers a lock option to prevent unauthorized use, besides providing LED features that indicate the state of locking.

Product Registration

To register the product, all you need to do is go to the Hypervolt website and key in your unique adoption token. You can find this on the product label stuck on your EV charger. Once done, you will be directed to a dashboard that will indicate all your charging details and settings made on the app. The amazing aspect is this dashboard can help you in case the app doesn’t work.

electric vehicle charging with hypervolt ev charger

Customer Support

We heard that Hypervolt customer service is great. They are prompt in their service and resolve technical issues efficiently. As per TrustPilot, their rating stands at 4.9/5. In addition, Hypervolt offers an exhaustive page with informative downloads for support.


Now, let’s talk of the most crucial factor - the price. Well, Hypervolt 5m model now comes at £630, the 7.5m is priced at £672, and the 10m at £720.

Installation charges will vary depending on various factors like your distance from the consumer unit, adjustments required with regard to your existing electrical installation, etc. All said the total cost must not ideally exceed £1000.


Hypervolt is an excellent and premium home EV charger with a compact, user-friendly design and multiple in-built useful features. The availability of the app and awesome customer support makes life a lot easier.

The only drawback is the charging output which is restricted to 7KW AC.

We would give a rating of 9/10 for all its outstanding qualities.

We at Impra Charge are specialists in EV charging. We cover a lot of UK regions and cities like – Cambridge, Peterborough, Bermingham etc. In case of any queries or for a free quotation, feel free to reach us here.