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New regulations for EV charging June 2022

New regulations for EV charging June 2022

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What's to know

There are some important changes in the way of EV charging and charging units specifically coming into effect on the 30th June 2022. This is all part of a plan to help assist the energy grids power infrastructure and eliminate any risk of overloading the grids capacity in producing energy. This is a huge step in the direction for making all EV home chargers smart compliant. Also these effects help sustain for a better economical and lower carbon emission future.

What are the main changes?

The main effects of this regulatory change aims to ensure all EV charge points are 'smart' and contain features such as 'smart scheduling' and 'randomised delay'. Both of these features will help sustain the foundations to allow to become greener whilst looking after our power networks. From data taken for charging times for Electric Vehicle users it shows often 'tea time' reveals a huge surge in usage not surprisingly. This then continues throughout the evening. You may find your charge point already pre-set to charge in off-peak. This function is called 'default off-peak charging', which is all part of the smart scheduling capability. The default hours will be 00.00 - 08.00. 

Renault electric car driving

Randomised Delay

The randomised delay feature is set to be designed to ease the pressure off the grid when users plug in around peak times such as tea time. Users also often have their charge points set to off-peak tariff times provided by their energy companies for cheaper charging. The randomised delay will take into account these times set by energy companies and allow for up to a 10 minute window prior to the charging session. This in effect will ease the pressure off the power grid respectively from surges. The randomised delay function will also be maintained at the end of charging sessions. This may allow for a few minutes of extra charging, to prevent every EV charger stopping at the same moment. At present, this feature can be overridden, allowing the user a choice.

What about solar generation/ storage?

These changes won't affect your charging whilst using either surplus energy in way of battery storage, or solar generation charging. The delays will be set for 'grid charging' only. However, some EV charge points do swap between using solar/ surplus energy and grid energy. For example to solar capable charge points such as myenergi Zappi and Hypervolt etc. On any occasion, if at the time of charging the unit is on the peak time using grid energy, the randomised delay charge would likely apply.

The scheduled charging feature however is an efficient way in charging your electric car! Whilst saving you money, charging off-peak will allow you to get the most out of your electric vehicle. Some EVs do have a manual scheduled charging feature in-build into the vehicle, however most owners prefer to use the charging points scheduled charging feature included.

woman charging car with podpoint

Why scheduled charging?

It's definitely worth checking with your energy provider to see what supply rates are available in your tariff. Most electric vehicle owners maintain efficiency by charging in 'off-peak' times. This is typically 12.00 - 05.00. This allows for much cheaper prices per kWh (kilowatt-hour). This may have been recognised as an economy-7 tariff which started many years ago. If you don't find yourself having an off-peak tariff available, it's worth checking if you can switch over to one with your provider. Some providers even have specialised 'EV owner' tariffs available. These go in hand for charging your EV and really getting the most out of your energy contract.

Will I have to change my charge point?

If you already have an EV charger installed, then you don't need to worry. These changes are aimed at the future of charging EV's and helping maintain the infrastructure for the grid's capacity. However, some charge point manufactures may provide this feature in-way of an update to their products. So, you could see this feature come in on your device in the near future. If you're unsure if your electric vehicle charger already has this feature, then it's definitely worth checking with your manufacture. 

For any more information on this, or help in having an EV charger installed, get in touch with the team at Impra Charge. We are your local experts providing home EV charge point installations in Peterborough and Cambridge