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Ohme Home Pro - Review Impra Charge

Ohme Home Pro - Review Impra Charge

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The Ohme Home Pro EV Charger has established its roots in the EV charging industry and has certainly made a good impression with its range of features compared to other brands of chargers.

Known for its tariff functionality, specifically the Intelligent Octopus tariff, which has drawn many Octopus customers to take advantage of the cheaper charging times. Looks wise, the charger is pretty stylish! Its small, compact design allows it to blend in with many mounted areas, and the screen also lets you see charging data easily. 

Man charging with Ohme Home Pro ev charger


The charger comes with a 5m or 8m tethered (Type 2) charging lead suitable for almost any type of electric vehicle. Ohme also provides a cable holster/ hanger for the cable to remain neat and tidy. Charging rates are at 7.4kW, which is standard for a domestic EV charger.

This would see around 30-miles of range charged per hour on average, or a 50kWh battery recharged in around 7 hours. The charger has a variety of security features, such as the option to be disabled through the mobile app for peace of mind when not in use.

Earthing protection

Built-in earthing protection means the charger doesn't require a separate earth electrode for installation. The charger protects the user in the event of an earth fault by disconnecting the circuit if a dangerous voltage is detected.

Ohme chargers are waterproof and rated IP55, meaning they are resistant to all types of weather types, so the charger will always be safe and protected. Load balancing is a clever function that measures loads from the supply and adjusts the charger's output to protect against overloading.

Though, generally, EV chargers don't tend to overload a property's supply, this is still a safe feature to have.

Check out the Ohme Home Pro here.

Octopus energy tariff connectivity

Octopus compatible with Ohme Home Pro charger

Drivers can save as much as £800 a year when using the smart EV tariff to charge their electric vehicles. This is in comparison to a standard electric charge point and tariff. As the Ohme Home Pro is compatible with the lowest electricity tariffs, with Intelligent Octopus you have the advantage of 6 hours of cheap electricity every night.

Using the mobile app, you can set how much you'd like to charge your EV and Octopus will take care of the rest. This also prioritises green energy usage. The hours of Intelligent Octopus are from 11:30 pm to 5:30 am, and you can see savings of up to £200 in comparison to Octopus Go.

There is also the Octopus Agile that can be used in comparison with the Ohme Home Pro charger, which means you can actually get paid for electricity used at certain times. By charging outside of peak times, less pressure is put on the grid, and Octopus will reward customers for this.

This requires a smart meter and is calculated using half-hourly data to calculate chargers. If you don't need to charge your EV during peak hours, then this is definitely worth looking at.

Octopus energy banner

Charging schedules are set by selecting your default charging preferences, usually the cheaper charging times set by your electricity provider. These can be preselected, and by setting your required charge by time, the EV charger will calculate the energy input required. This is one of the most efficient methods of charging, with no additional strain on the grid. So, with the Ohme packed with so many features and options, you can get the most out of charging your EV while lowering CO2 emissions.

The maximum price cap setting will let you see your 'Green Score' which is indicated in leaves. One way to improve the 'Green Score' is by selecting Favour Green Energy which is usually active by default. The 'Save Money' option lets you charge as cheaply as possible; however, this may not always be the greenest option. Giving your Ohme Charger as much time as possible to charge your car ensures the greenest and usually most efficient approach.

If you are unsure how much energy your EV will use, check out our energy usage calculator to find out here.

Using the Ohme Home Pro EV charger

Charging Ohme Home Pro at home

Charging couldn't be any easier with a simple plug and charge option, the rest of the functionality can be controlled via the mobile app. The charger can be locked in the mobile app, adding additional security when you aren't using it. The Ohme Pro does not need to connect to Wi-Fi as it comes with a 3G/4G SIM that will be connected to a main network provider. This lessens the strain on your home internet and ensures a steady, stable connection.

The data-sim comes with three years of free data; information on data plans after three years can be found during installation.The 'Max Charge' function will override any selected charging mode to deliver the maximum amount of charge possible straight away.

The idle power consumption of the charger is around 2-3W, over the course of 24 hours, this equates to around 0.072kWh. The charger is secured by a sturdy mounting plate, meaning it will be secure when used and operated regularly. The charger will still operate without an internet signal, though the benefits of 'smart charging' and other features won't be available, so it is worth checking the data signal in the area of the charger prior to installation. The buttons on the Ohme Pro allow you to view charging data and sessions, this is done by scrolling through the different selections of data.


Ohme Home Pro display

The LED display gives you full view information related to charging and sessions conducted, this is dimmed when not in use to save standby usage. The LED display will illuminate when touching the screen or selecting a button, which is especially helpful at night. There are several lights illuminated on the charger that indicate charging status, making it easy to see what mode the charger is in.

No light - Vehicle is unplugged/ charging session finished.

Blue - Schedule charge may be set/ charge delay present.

Green - Charging session active, schedule active.

Flashing green - Charger ready, vehicle not taking charge.

Red - Error.

Ohme Home Pro Mobile app

Ohme Home Pro mobile app

The Ohme Home Pro mobile app is available for both iOS and Android. The app really allows you to make the most of charging your EV and enhance the benefits available. This is where the tariff integration is implemented, giving you full use of the charger along with your home energy rates. Charge scheduling set through the mobile app will ensure your EV is charged and ready when you are, scheduling in lower charging times and saving you money.

Scheduling works alongside tariff integration making sure the off-peak times are recognised and set for charging effectively. The 'Max Charge' feature is also accessible in the app. Not only does the charger allow you to save money via your tariff, you can also set price caps meaning you may only charge to desired spend limits giving you more control.

You will first be required to create an account. The mobile app is paired by scanning the QR code on the charge point once it is installed and the app downloaded. The app will then confirm that it is linked to the charge point and allow you to view information and enjoy the benefits of the smart features available.

API for vehicle data

Ohme Home Pro on the wall charging vehicle

Integration with your EV is some of the more clever technology packed into this small compact unit. By transferring data between your vehicle, the Ohme Home Pro is able to communicate, bringing all the information into one place on the mobile app.

This is done by linking the vehicle's API to your Ohme, these are provided and set by the vehicle's manufacturer, and mostly all newer models are compatible. This clever technology has been brought forward by Ohme Labs, which offers full support and is constantly improving this feature.

Preconditioning feature

Preconditioning Ohme Home Pro charger

This feature helps warm your vehicle and battery prior to use, protecting your battery, especially in colder periods. This feature is available to app users and is subject to being supported by your vehicle. Though this may have an impact on charge schedules or cause the feature to begin outside of a price cap, most users see the benefits of using the feature.

The preconditioning feature, when set, will take into account any price caps and ensure they are completed prior to reaching any limits. Preconditioning is separate from climate control as it mostly aims at warming the battery. If climate control is available through your manufacturer's app, this can also be accessed by Ohme, as most manufacturers are compatible and offer this feature.

Preconditioning Ohme Home Pro charger

Tesla drivers will be able to view interior car temperature from the Ohme app, this may be dependent on a data signal and may need refreshing if not visible. If you have the vehicle's preferred temperature set via the manufacturer's app, this should also be viewable and compatible with the Ohme app.

Over-the-air charger updates

Ohme Home Pro update

Firmware updates are sent via 3G/4G data built into the Ohme charger. This ensures all the features and functionality remain up-to-date and working effectively. As the charger communicates with the vehicle, Ohme servers, and the national grid, updates are important to ensure smooth, constant connectivity and get the most out of its features. These are carried out automatically so you never have to worry.

Future updates expected

Likely in the future Ohme are looking to enhance the features offered for users even more by offering additions such as solar integration and even more grid compatibility. As the Ohme already offers far more features than other smart EV chargers, any updates may be a while off yet.

The design was updated back in 2020 from the rectangular shape to the more compact square shape, and it's safe to say we like it! It seems rather than Ohme updating on anything, other EV manufacturers need to catch up with offering users these advanced features that benefit the end user. 

Ohme Home Pro EV charger on the wall

The Ohme already features the latest technology in line with the most recent requirements covering cybersecurity and tamper-protection as set out by ETSI EN 303 645 and British Standards PAS 1878. The tamper-protection allows the user to be notified if the unit is opened or tampered with and also has data-fed encryption technology, meaning your data is always kept safe.


The bottom line is that Ohme is the charger to use if you want to save money by optimising a smart EV tariff. If you have Octopus Energy supplying your energy, this charger has the most advanced features for controlling smart scheduling and benefits with the 'Agile' feature. The design is compact and does not stand out, and a feature-rich mobile app gives you complete control over all available features.

The green charging option lets you charge when carbon intensity is at its lowest on the grid, making it one of the most eco-efficient options for charging.