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Peterborough's growth in public charge points

Peterborough's growth in public charge points

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The previous environmental capital Peterborough has grown rapidly in regard to EV Charging and it's infrastructure. There are already in excess of 75 public chargers around the centre of Peterborough, this is set to be around the figure of 100 by the end of 2022. These electric car chargers do vary from 7kW, 22kW and 50kW. Predominantly these are in car parks around the city centre including Queens Gate shopping centre and Park Road/ City Road. 

More recently, there has been major supermarkets adopting EV charging points, this has also been reflected in Peterborough. Supermarkets such as Lidl and Asda have joined the movement in incorporating EV charging infrastructure into there car parks as an incentive for shoppers. This is ideal for any EV owner to take advantage of the free charging whilst shopping, definitely worth keeping an eye out for!

podpoint public charging carpark

Previously in 2020, Peterborough was already ahead of the curve in regard to going green. The city was already growing in having some of the best access to public electric charge points. Already there was 51 charge points in 2020 compared to 75 or more in 2022 as mentioned before. The steep incline of Electric Vehicles on the roads definitely requires the city to adopt and sustain for growing charging capabilities.

Better accessibility will also help drive car owners to make the switch, as more commonly misconceived is the worry of charging points available for owners of electric cars. There is also the worry of infrastructure from the main grid for EV charging. There is however, multi-million pound projects across the country dedicated to upgrading the grid and infrastructure ready for EVs to charge in the growing demand.

So, are you better charging on 7kW, 22kW or 50kW?

It really depends on your vehicles capacity. This is because your EV or Hybrid has its own 'on-board' charger that determines the charging rates best suited for your vehicle. This usually depends on whether your vehicle has the capacity for fast charging (22kW) and what battery percentage is present. Usually at around 75% vehicles will charge at a slower rate to protect the battery. Typically, there are four main types of EV charging for vehicles. Slow, fast, rapid and ultra-rapid. These represent the range of power outputs, and also charging speeds, available to charge your EV. The power is measured in kilowatts (kW).

Where is best to charge?

There has never been better access to charging your electric vehicle in Peterborough. At foremost, most main Petrol station forecourts are hosting EV charging facilities around the city. This is also met by supermarkets, and public car parks in shopping centres. Apps like Zap-Map really are worth using if you are looking for locations for charging, it covers over 95 % of all UK public charging points and gives you all the information you need when choosing where to charge.

Peterborough city centre

Can I use my Type 2 charging cable anywhere?

The Type 2 charging connection is now the standard across the EV charging network, the old types such as CHAdeMO and Type 1 are slowly phasing out. Almost all EV's and PHEV's are Type 2, especially new models going forward. This isn't set to change anytime soon for peace of mind as well.

However, if your looking for a home charge point in Peterborough, Impra Charge are the experts you can trust. Having served the city already for 2 years, we have a great understanding on installations in homes. This is met by our excellent and friendly customer service. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help charge your future.