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How to choose a electric car charger?

How do I choose an electric car charger?

Charging at home has never been easier, with more and more EV's and Plug-in Hybrids there hasn’t been a better time to get a home charge point installed. At Impra Charge we make things easy, including claiming the OZEV grant (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles).

When choosing an EV charger there are some things to consider first;

  • Budget
  • Usage demands (work, leisure)
  • Average distance between charges
  • Location
  • Style and features

These key points are important to ensuring you get the most suitable charger for your EV home charger installation. Our team are experts and will always endeavour to help find the right electric car charge point for you. Budget is important as electric car chargers vary in cost, so it really depends on your requirements.

It is important to bear in mind what your future usage may be, for example you may of purchased a PHEV (Plug-in hybrid) though in the future you may be upgrading to a BEV (Battery electric vehicle). In this case it would be a smart move to aim for a charger that is compatible for PHEV and BEV’s. This will then cater for both charging scenarios sufficiently at your home when you upgrade.

The best way to ensure an accurate quotation and ensure you may be eligible for the OZEV grant is by clicking “Request Free Quote" to start your journey.

Even when keeping the costs low on our lower range charge points, they all still meet a minimum criteria. This includes, earth free (PEN Fault Detection system), up to and above 7kW charge output and all our Charge Points are smart enabling Wi-Fi compatibility.

You will also need to consider whether you require a “tethered" or “untethered” cable. We recommend untethered users contact the manufacture to obtain the correct charging cable if they require “untethered”.

What are my requirements?

When it comes to usage demands we believe tethered charging suites the less commuting user, thus saving costs of purchasing a “type 1” or “type 2” cable. However, depending on the average distance between charging, you may feel that you require a charging cable to use freely.

This would include service stations for longer journeys and car parks etc. This would require an untethered cable.

The location can ascertain whether you are eligible for the OZEV grant and also the amount of cable required for the EV charger installation. We like to ensure we are able to accurately provide a free quotation based on our quick assessment of the premises. Our fast online application can ensure a speedy journey to having your car charger installation.

Also depending on location of your electric vehicle charger, you may have a preference of style or aesthetic look for your charger. We recommend you have a good idea of location before choosing a preference, as sometimes charge points may be placed in more discreet locations if needed.


We offer help and advice on “Future-proofing", this allows you to plan ahead for the future in terms of you potential needs and demands for EV Charging. Whether that means moving towards having multiple EV's at your property. This may be a necessary step to take if you are planning more Electric Vehicles in your household in the future.