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Easee EV charger review

Easee EV charger review

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Why Easee?

Choosing the right EV charger for your home can seem like a daunting task, and with so much variety, navigating the market can sometimes seem overwhelming. The team at Easee claim to have ‘simplified everything that can be simplified’, promoting their latest product, the Easee One, as a simple, reliable solution for EVs. ‘The result is an unparalleled technological revolution that keeps both you and the environment at the heart of our design’, claims Easee. 

So we took an in-depth look at the Easee EV charger, putting these claims to the test in an attempt to work out if you should be spending or swerving this latest release.


Designed in Norway, the Easee One home charging station was specifically made for use in the UK. As such, it's compliant with all the latest regulations. The product is small and compact, with a sleek design that sits discreetly on a wall. The charger weighs only 1.4kg, and the dimensions are 246x 193x106 (mm) in height, width and depth. 

Geometrically elegant, the charger is bold yet simple.

There are multiple colour options to choose from, allowing you to mix and match with the surroundings.

woman charging tesla with easee charger

Tethered or untethered

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Easee One is its duality as both a tethered and untethered EV charger. Tethered means a cable is attached to the box which plugs into your car, whereas untethered means the cable is not connected to the box and can plug into the car and plug and unplug into the unit

Charging speed

With a 7.4kW charge speed, you can charge up to three times faster than a standard electrical outlet, making the Easee One perfect for home installations.

Wifi or 4G

The charge point uses both WiFi and 4G mobile data connections. Perhaps you don’t want your home broadband connection being throttled by another device, in which case the 4G allows you to still control your Easee One remotely via the app without slowing down the kids’ consoles.

The app

As for the smartphone app to control and plan your car charging - it’s very impressive compared to other existing EV charger apps. The app interface is simple, modern and has all the features we think you’ll ever need. You can remotely check your charge session status live, get an overview of your consumption and customise settings such as the brightness of the LED of the unit. 

Smart charging

Perhaps the most useful feature of the app is the scheduling tool, which allows you to choose the start and stop times of charging - such as when your tariff is cheapest. Combined with the consumption overviews, it’s easy to see how the Easee One immediately begins to offset its installation costs.

man charging with easee charger


And the advantages don’t end there. Easee One is compatible with all plug-in vehicles, meaning you don’t have to worry about changing your vehicle in the future - your charge point can stay the same.

Charging multiple vehicles

Furthermore, the simultaneous charging feature allows you to charge up to 3 cars on one single fuse. All the connected cars charge at the same time, and the charger itself automatically distributes the available power. 

Safety and security

When it comes to safety and security, the Easee One boasts more impressive features, such as the ability to deactivate the unit in case of theft and RFID capability allowing you to use an RFID key to start and stop charging. As with most chargers, inbuilt open PEN protection is included. Fuse Protection is also built in, which reduces the power being used if it's nearing your home’s fuse limit - charging can be left on full power safely. 


Speaking of costs, the Easee One is easy to install and very competitively priced, starting at around £1000 (with installation costs included).


Relax in the knowledge that the 3-year manufacturers’ warranty comes completely free of charge.

Our verdict

It might sound like there isn’t much wrong with this EV charge point, and to be honest, we don’t think there is. As an affordable, sleek, everyday home EV charger, the Easee One excels. 

Living up to its name, simplicity has been ingrained into every step of the development process making the finished product stress and hassle-free. 

For some, this EV charger provides the tools and insights to constantly update and personalise their charging experience, whereas for those just looking for peace-of-mind, the simplicity and vast array of autonomous processes of the Easee One provide exactly that.

Interested in this product? Find the Easee charger here.