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myenergi Zappi 2 Home charger review

myenergi Zappi 2 Home charger review

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The myenergi Zappi v2 EV Charger is grid-tiered microgeneration compatible, allowing it to use sustainable power sources, such as a solar panel array or wind turbines. A huge benefit of the Zappi is that it also has 2 eco modes, reducing its overall power consumption. The first mode, (eco mode), allows the Zappi to monitor the energy generated by any solar panels or turbines, while monitoring the power usage within the home. With this information, the Zappi can use the minimum amount of power to charge the vehicle (at least 1.4kW), reducing overall energy consumption.

The eco± mode is very similar to the first eco mode, however the benefit of this mode is that the Zappi will pause charging if not enough spare energy is being generated through solar generation then resume it when there is. For example, if extra power was being used in the house when cooking, the Zappi would stop charging until you had finished cooking.

Eco compatiility

Though, while being a very cheap and efficient method of charging your EV, if using an array or turbine, weather changes can also have an impact on the amount of spare energy available to the EV. To fight this, the Zappi has an eco setting, allowing you to alter how much minimum spare energy is needed. 100% is 1.4kW, so reducing this reduces the amount of spare energy needed, allowing the EV to charge with lower amounts of energy. Therefore, if it’s a particularly cloudy day and the eco setting is 50%, the car may still charge as the energy provided is reduced.

Another great feature the Zappi has is load balancing. Load balancing is a safety feature which prevents the overloading of fuses. EV chargers run for a long time, which can place a huge demand on the power source. As a result, most chargers are set to be slower in relation to the energy consumption of the home. However, the Zappi’s load balancing feature uses the monitoring of the power usage to determine if the amount of energy being used to charge the EV needs altering. This is an amazing feature as it helps keep you safe while you continue with your day. 

myenergi zappi white untethered on wall

The Zappi uses current transformers (CT Clamps) and a Harvi energy monitor to monitor how much energy is being used and how much is needed. The current transformer monitors how much energy is being used and the Harvi is used to monitor how much energy is being produced. These can be used together or individually, and help the Zappi be as eco-friendly as possible, saving both money and energy.

One surprisingly good feature of the Zappi is the PEN-fault detection feature. Most EV chargers have earthing rods to keep everything and everyone safe in the rare instance of a sudden loss of power or electrical fault elsewhere in the home. The Zappi doesn’t need an earthing rod however, as it has a monitor which keeps an eye on the way power is being conducted and will interrupt charging if a fault is found. This stops the need for an earthing rod, some of which can be unsightly.

myenergi zappi black wall charger

The best part of the Zappi v2 however, is not the eco modes or the monitors. It’s the fact that the Zappi is a smart charger! This means it can connect to Wi-Fi and an app. The app is simple to use, and allows you to control charge settings whenever and wherever you are. The app also allows you to see the energy consumption, and the energy being generated by the solar panel array if you have one. The app even has a boost time setting, allowing you to set a time when you want more energy going to charge your EV. This is very useful, as you can set it to boost overnight when most energy providers charge less for energy. The app is convenient and allows you to save some money too.

The verdict

Overall, the Zappi v2 is a very smart and reliable charger. It has all the features to help you save as much energy and money as possible, helping the planet and your pocket. This can only be a sign of things to come from myenergi. 

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